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Call for PostDoc position at IMCA

Instituição/Empresa: IMCA

The Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines -  IMCA (www.imca.edu.pe), announces the opening of postdoctoralpositions. The main area of research will be Optimization with emphasis in Natural Resources Management, including Energy, Fisheries, Mining, forestry, etc.

The salary is S/. 6000 per month (about US$ 2100 or 1500 EUR) plus health insurance, which allows to live comfortably in Lima, considering the living cost in the country.

This call is aimed for young researchers, of any nationality. The requisite for applicants living abroad is to have a PhD in Mathematics or related areas, having obtained it for no longer than 4 years. Also, applicants must not have been in Peru for more than 18 months after the defense of the PhD thesis.

The beginning of the position will beginning not further than 7th January 2015.

For applying, candidates must send their CV, including recent publications, a project proposal with a work plan, and contact information from two senior researchers who could give a
recommendation letter for the candidate. This information must be sent to Roger Metzger at

[email protected].

The deadline for applications is up to October 28th, 2014.

URL: http://www.imca.edu.pe/