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Postdoctoral Position in Mathematical and Computational Modeling - 2015

Instituição/Empresa: Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais – CEFET/MG

Postdoctoral Position in Mathematical and Computational Modeling Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais – CEFET/MG
(Federal Centre for Technological Education of Minas Gerais) Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil


The Post-Graduate Programme in Mathematical and Computational Modeling (PGMCM) of CEFET/MG has an immediate opening for a Postdoctoral
position in the interdisciplinary area of mathematical and computational modeling. The PPGMMC is located on Campus II of CEFET/MG
at Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

The research may pursue topics related to the areas of intelligent systems and/or applied mathematical methods. The projects involve a
breadth of areas, such as optimization, complex networks, multiagent systems, ecological and biological models, econophysics, computer
vision, software engineering, automation and process control, quantum physics, computational neurobiology, bioinformatics, parallel

The salary structure is nationally competitive. The position is supported by the Brazilian governmental agency CAPES (Coordenação de
Apoio à Pesquisa e Ensino Superior), with a 12 month grant of R$4,100 (about U$$1,800). Other benefits include access to all institutional
facilities. The expected start is early 2015.

The occasion will allow an immersion into the teaching and advising activities of the research groups of PGMCM, providing an excellent
opportunity for growth and professional development.


Individuals of any nationality with desire to work in applied and theoretical research subjects are encouraged to apply. This is an
ideal position for a creative, self-motivated, independent individual.

Minimum requirements:
• Ph. D. degree;
• ability to perform independent research;
• good communication skills, both oral and written;
• background related to mathematical and computational modeling.

The ideal candidate will also have:
• experience in interdisciplinary problems;
• advanced skills on mathematics and programming;
• experience in writing and implementing algorithms;
• ability to deliver proof-of-concept results.

According to the CAPES rules, the candidate cannot be retired; can be Brazilian with no other employment relationship (Modality A), or
foreign with no other employment relationship (Modality B), or Brazilian licensed of other educational or research institutions
(Modality C).


Those interested should get in touch with one faculty member of PPGMMC to be the supervisor of the position and shall establish, with
him/her, the area and topics of the study and a project research with a work plan for 12 months.

Applicants should submit:
(1) detailed curriculum vitae (Lattes or CAPES model);
(2) research project with a work plan;
(3) acceptance letter of a faculty member of PGMCM as the supervisor;
(4) statement specifying the Modality A, B or C and saying it is aware
of the conditions required by CAPES and PGMCM.
The material should be personally protocoled at the Secretary of PGMCM
or sent electronically to <[email protected]>.

Further details (in Portuguese) can be found at:
General Information of PGMCM:
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