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Epidemiology job(s) in Warwick

Instituição/Empresa: University of Warwick

Epidemiology job(s) in Warwick

We currently have an Assistant Professor post available in infectious disease epidemiology. They would join a vibrant and growing group of epidemiologists and mathematical biologists in Warwick, who are united by an interest in using quantitative methods and real-world data to address pressing problems in the UK and abroad. 

I'd be most grateful if you could pass on this message to any potential candidates and encourage them to get in contact with me. Also, please feel free to email this to any/all colleagues.

This is a well resourced position with funding from the Wellcome Trust, and a clear promotion pathway. More details of the job can be found here... Or paste the following:
In addition, we hope to soon be advertising other more senior posts in epidemiology and systems biology -- so if you know any suitable candidates please ask them to get in touch.

URL: http://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/search_engine/jobs.cgi?SID=amNvZGU9MTY5MDc0MCZ2dF90ZW1wbGF0ZT0xNDU3Jm93bmVyPTUwNjI0NTImb3duZXJ0eXBlPWZhaXImYnJhbmRfaWQ9MCZ2YWNfeHRyYTUwNjI0NTIuODFfNTA2MjQ1Mj0yMzk4ODMmdmFjX3h0cmE1MDYyNDUyLjUyXzUwNjI0NTI9MjM5OTUzJnBvc3RpbmdfY29kZT02M